Blue Horizon Yachting made in Switzerland


Stier, born 1967

Profession: Dipl-Ing (TU) in R&D

Skipper since 1993

Experience in the following sailing areas: Western and Eastern Mediterranean

Nautical miles sailed as skipper: just under 30000

More: Skiing, fitness, swimming, SUP, cooking, sleeping, enjoying, cat lover



After sailing almost 30 years and nearly 30,000 nautical miles myself, I really know the nautical conditions in the eastern Mediterranean, have built up social networks with local skippers, port operators and charter companies and would like to pass this knowledge on to you, skipper to skipper The ultimate goal must be to satisfy you as a customer completely. Bluehorizon has seen many companies come and go through its long experience in chartering. Today, the liquidity of the charter companies is becoming more and more important, because the offers are rising and the prices are falling A difficult balancing act for the companies, as on the one hand they have to maintain the quality standard and on the other hand the income is falling away. That is why Bluehorizon-Yachting takes a lot of time for intensive consultation and only works with reputable and high-quality yacht charter companies that take care of their fleet and with whom the experience is consistently very good.


Most clients today look for a type of vessel they already know or have heard of and then set out to find the best price. That is not enough. With the huge amount of offers worldwide, there are unfortunately always ships or charter companies to watch out for. The customer doesn’t see that in advance. Through the multitude of social contacts with people in the nautical trade, we at Bluehorizon-Yachting know the differences in quality very well. We discuss with you all the details that are important to you in a ship and in a marina and depending on the season, budget, size of the crew, experience of the crew, length of the ship and sailing characteristics, we always find the right selection of suitable yachts for you, at an attractive offer, which you are welcome to compare.


Most crews nowadays travel by plane but the outward and return flights do not always ideally match the charter period. Often clients are reluctant to arrive a day before or leave a day later. Bluehorizon can help you find a suitable place to stay and in the low season it is often possible to spend an extra night on the booked ship or on another ship at a reasonable price. If you still count yourself as a beginner or have a strange feeling about steering this yacht for a week, Bluehorizon will get you an experienced skipper who will practice the most important manoeuvres with you and your crew for a day before you start. Bluehorizon will talk you through the nautical specifics of the start/destination port, as not every port is unproblematic for all skippers. Bluehorizon offers you a rough cruise planning for the whole week and a detailed planning from day to day, so that you can sleep peacefully at night and have your maximum holiday fun. Throughout the cruise Bluehorizon will be in contact with you and the charter company.


Bluehorizon-Yachting has a modern programmed very fast website with unique filter possibilities and manages a database with more than 9500 yachts worldwide. For each yacht there is a huge amount of information, which cannot all be displayed on one website but is made available to the customer. Bluehorizon-Yachting is considered to be one of the most professional and at the same time cheapest yacht brokers worldwide because of its lean company structure. It can always happen that some private providers have boats that cannot yet be found on our website. We are always trying to expand the number of available vessels. If you have an offer for a ship that cannot be found on our website, just tell us the type of ship and the port, we will find it and can surely make you the attractive offer for it as well.