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Contracts and insurances

The long-term goal of Croatia-Yachting is that you can enjoy the trip with your family or friends on the holiday yacht of your choice without worries and nasty surprises. Not every agency sees it that way. More and more often, one finds explosive formulations in the small print of contracts that can have serious consequences for the customer. This article in the magazine “Yacht” reads: “Anyone who comes across such wording should book elsewhere.” From years of experience and with this, Croatia-Yachting uses the contract Charterfairtrag from Yacht-Pool and also recommends you only insurances from Yacht-Pool. Please read through why insurance is so important and how you can avoid damage, hardly any agency points this out to you as we do. At this point we would also like to mention the insurance certificate. The “YACHT-POOL-Sicherungsschein” is a protection for the customer’s money against insolvency of the agency and the charter company, a quality not to be underestimated, which is not visible at first sight, but therefore not less important for informed skippers. Only companies that are positively audited annually receive this certificate.

Travel safely with Croatia-Yachting in COVID-19 times!

Cancellation conditions in connection with COVID-19: Variant 1): “Croatia-Yachting Money Back Guarantee” (included in the charter price): If..

  • …The borders of the contract holder’s home country or the borders of the host country are closed,
  • …an obligatory quarantine is pronounced even in case of a negative test on the outward or return journey,
  • …a general “lockdown” in the home country of the contract holder is announced in the host country,

we guarantee the repayment of the charter sum already paid less a handling fee of 20% of the total charter sum. Cancellation of the charter can be made at the earliest 2 weeks before the start of the charter. Variant 2) “Croatia Yachting Money Back Guarantee Plus”: Costs: 20% of the total charter sum,- (non-refundable, due with deposit) – Extension of the above 3 reasons by the following:

  • There is a travel ban by the contract holder’s employer to the host country because of Covid 19
  • The contract holder is ill with Covid 19
  • There is a compulsory test on outward/return journey even if there is no compulsory quarantine

Both variants are of course also valid for all cruise offers. The charter sum here corresponds to the participant’s contribution to the respective cruise. Both variants apply to contracts from 1.11.2020. In addition to both variants, the customer can still choose a free rebooking. For all cancellation reasons not mentioned, our standard charter conditions still apply. For all contracts until 31.12.2020 20% deposit, 80% balance 4 weeks before charter start.

Your private liability does not cover personal injury or property damage caused by you as skipper on a hired boat. Skipper’s liability insurance covers claims made against you by injured crew members and third parties. Even if you cannot be accused of any culpable conduct. Also, as a skipper, you usually do not know how high the coverage amount of the boat liability insurance taken out by the owner is, i.e. whether the insurance cover is sufficient. If the insurance cover is not sufficient, you as skipper are liable with your private assets in the event of damage. Skipper’s liability insurance protects you against this. Or, for example, you because of wind, you do not return to your home port in time or cause damage that cannot be repaired in time large Damage that cannot be repaired in time, then this ship will not be available to the next crew and you will have to pay for the damages. This may be included in the skipper’s liability, ask, otherwise for a premium surcharge.

Before the start of the trip you pay a deposit which, depending on the size of the yacht, can sometimes be more than the rent of the yacht. The cruise begins carefree and cheerful until you or a fellow sailor cause damage to the yacht. The three most common types of damage are:

  • You touch the harbour wall with your hull when docking or casting off, the gelcoat is damaged.
  • You have a grounding with the keel on a rock, the keel starts to rust due to the salt water contact or worse, water penetrates because a crack has developed between the hull and the keel. At each checkout, divers inspect all the yachts and discover any damage and record it on special underwater cameras.
  • You lose items such as the dinghy, outboard or fenders or other accessories.

Bond insurance helps against this; it is usually limited for a specific cruise.

Often you plan your trip months In advance. Now the skipper falls ill and cannot be replaced. The trip is cancelled completely. Or a crew member cancels. The cancellation insurance will also cover the loss of this crew member.
Finally, check whether you and your crew need health insurance abroad or whether you have sufficient health insurance.