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General Terms and Conditions of Bluehorizon-Yachting


Bluehorizon-Yachting works on behalf of charter companies with the purpose of renting their vessels. Bluehorizon-Yachting presents on its website over 9000 vessels available for rent.

Bluehorizon-Yachting is a charter agency. By renting a vessel through Bluehorizon-Yachting, the client enters into a legally binding contract with the charter company from which he rents the vessel. From the conclusion of the rental contract between the customer and Bluehorizon-Yachting, Bluehorizon-Yachting acts exclusively as an intermediary between the customer and the charter company by transmitting the data of the charter contract to the respective charter company.

The customer receives a confirmation e-mail on behalf of the charter company, which shows that the respective vessel is reserved for him. All information about a ship, which Bluehorizon-Yachting provides to the client via its website, originates from an online database. The charter companies are at all times responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information displayed (price, availability, equipment, technical information, pictures). It is not allowed to use, copy, sell, display or reproduce any information on our website, of any kind, for commercial or competitive activities. The present general terms and conditions regulate the relationship between the client, the charter company and Bluehorizon-Yachting. However, it should be emphasized that some charter companies also have their own general terms and conditions for the rental of their vessels, which will be communicated to you prior to the conclusion of a charter contract. The relations between the client and the charter company are subject to the terms and conditions of the charter company and, if not, to the present terms and conditions of Bluehorizon-Yachting. The relations between Bluehorizon-Yachting and the client are governed exclusively by the present General Terms and Conditions and the General Conditions of Yacht-Pool. The possible general terms and conditions of the charter company are not legally effective against Bluehorizon-Yachting. In case of contradictions between the General Terms and Conditions of the charter company and the present General Terms and Conditions, the General Terms and Conditions of the charter company shall prevail in relation to the relationship between the charter company and the customer. If this is not the case, the present General Terms and Conditions apply to the charter company. If for any reason one of the present General Terms and Conditions is declared inapplicable, this shall in no way affect the validity of the other provisions of the General Terms and Conditions, in which case the provision deemed inapplicable shall be replaced by a provision corresponding to it as far as possible.

Article 1: Price All prices on Bluehorizon-Yachting’s site are per vessel for your entire booking, including all taxes, unless otherwise stated. Please check the price details displayed for a vessel thoroughly before making your reservation. Obvious errors and mistakes are not binding. On the part of Bluehorizon-Yachting there are no additional fees for the customer. The service is free of charge for the customer.

Article 2: Privacy Information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Article 3: Payment Charter companies require full or partial payment of the charter fee upon conclusion of the contract, depending on the duration until the start of the charter. Payments are made by bank transfer from your bank account to the charter company’s bank account through one of Bluehorizon-Yachting’s accounts. The client is requested to thoroughly check the charter details for payment terms before signing the charter contract. The client must guarantee payment throughout the reservation. If Bluehorizon-Yachting does not receive the payments of the charter fee within the time limits specified in the contract, Bluehorizon-Yachting is not obliged to maintain the rental property. The rental object is then considered to be cancelled by the client. The contractually agreed specified cancellation fees will then apply.

Article 4: Cancellation By signing the charter contract, the customer accepts the appropriate cancellation conditions that apply to the particular charter company, as well as any additional conditions of the boat provider that apply to the rental of the vessel, including the services offered by the charter company such as permit, final cleaning, skipper, etc. These services, as well as the cancellation conditions, will be stated in the charter contract. Bluehorizon-Yachting uses exclusively the charter contract of Yacht-Pool in connection with the General Conditions of Yacht-Pool. It is important for the customer that a charter contract can be cancelled without notice if the corresponding amount cannot be collected on the respective payment day according to the respective payment terms of the charter contract. Late payment, incorrect bank details or insufficient payment are the responsibility of the customer. The customer is not entitled to a refund of the prepaid amount unless the charter company agrees. Payments made by the client are considered final by Bluehorizon-Yachting only after the actual receipt of the amounts due. Bluehorizon-Yachting does not make any advance payments to the charter company on behalf of the client. During the current Covid-19 travel restrictions, clients may reschedule their reservation with the same charter company for later available dates or receive the voucher for the amount already paid and valid for a future reservation with the same charter company for 2021 and 2022. Bluehorizon-Yachting will facilitate the rescheduling of the reservation free of charge by assisting the client. Claims for money refund are usually not accepted by charter companies.

Article 5: Force majeure Bluehorizon-Yachting is not responsible for the non-fulfillment of any obligation of an order if such non-fulfillment results from a case of force majeure; that is, related to unforeseeable and insurmountable events beyond our control that make it impossible to fulfill the obligations of these Terms and Conditions.

Article 6: Disclaimer Bluehorizon-Yachting is liable only for damages caused by the fact that, due to a defect caused by us, the obligations related to the service offered were not met, up to a maximum of the total amount of the total cost of the reservation of the vessel, as contractually agreed. Bluehorizon-Yachting is not liable for consequential damages of any kind.

Article 7: Intellectual property The entire appearance of the Bluehorizon-Yachting website, the textual and graphical content and the software used and available by Bluehorizon-Yachting are the property of Bluehorizon-Yachting and may not be copied in any way, nor used in a similar form. Any unlawful use or conduct constitutes a material breach of Bluehorizon-Yachting’s intellectual property rights.